Sunday, September 28, 2008

Same Day Edit - Scott + Jessica

Scott & Jessica - Same Day Edit from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

View in HD (recommended)

This was a Same Day Edit (SDE) we produced for Scott and Jessica on Saturday. The wedding was at the beautiful Trinity United Methodist Church in Lafayette, IN.

We enjoyed working with Scott and Jessica and they both have a great personality and this was quite evident when we shot their engagement video (link below). We first met the couple when they visited our studio in Noblesville and when they left, we knew they would be fun.

For those not familiar with a Same Day Edit, we take the footage obtained during the day and produce a short video highlight of the days events. These command organization skills and the ability to stay on task under lots of pressure. The reward, however, is priceless in watching the reaction of the couple as we help them relive the days events and to see things they were not able to see.

After we shot the wedding, we pulled up to the Holiday Inn Select in Lafayette and we decided to do a Same Day Edit. These are a little more manageable when we have an assistant and when we know for sure we are going to do one. Well we didn't have an assistant and we were not planning on doing a SDE to show the couple. That's when the stress kicks in...but we thrive on it. Nobody knew but us so that took some of the stress away but we were logging footage while keeping another eye on the events taking place. After the first dance and father / daughter and mother / son dances we hit the editing hard pulling footage for the song and making very quick exposure corrections. We surprised Scott and Jessica with this and we were very happy that they liked it.

We have a scheduled SDE coming up in October at Notre Dame.

Scott and Jessica's Engagement Video View in HD Here

John and Jennifer


Steve Z. said...

Very nice John! I bet they were extremely pleased with that! Looking forward to meeting you next week.

ryan koral said...

congrats on the first one of hopefully many! :)